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Oracle Apps DBA - Configuration

1. How to find out what component of u r oracle applications was installed on
which node?
Ans: Xml file (context file)

2. How to find the version of httpd/Apache web server?
Ans: $IAS_ORACLE_HOME/Apache/Apache/bin/httpd –version

3. What is the configuration file for httpd and what is the location of it ?
Ans: httpd.conf @IAS_ORACLE_HOME/Apache/Apache/conf

4. Where you will see when you have some problem with u r web server
Ans: access_log & error_log @IAS_ORACLE_HOME/Apache/Apache/logs

5. When Apache starts what other components its start?
Ans: PL/SQL Listener, Servlet Engine, OJSP Engine

6. What is jserv?
Ans: jserv is nothing but servlet engine which will run u r servlets. It’s a module of apache which supports servlets.

7. What is self service application?
Ans: Whatever part of u r oracle application u r able to see through web browser is self service.

8. Where u will see when u r not able to get self service applications?
Ans: access_log, error_log, error_pls, jserv.log, apps password)

9. What is the location of jserv.log?
Ans: IAS_ORACLE_HOME/Apache/Jserv/log

10. What is the location of
Ans: IAS_ORACLE_HOME/Apache/modplsql/cfg

11. What are jserv.conf and files?
Ans: These are the configuration files which were used to start jvm’s (servlet
engine) by apache.

12. What is mean by clearing cache and bouncing apache?
Ans: 1. Stop apache ( stop apps)
2. Clear cache – Go to $COMMON_TOP/html/_pages and delete _oa_html
directory (rm –r _oa__html)
3. Start apache ( start apps)

13. What is forms configuration file and its location?
Ans: appsweb_contextname.cfg @$COMMON_TOP/html/bin

14. What are the different modes u can start u r form server?
Ans: socket and servlet

15. What is the difference between socket and servlet mode?
Ans: In socket mode forms sessions are represented by f60webmx
In servlet mode forms sessions are represented by apache processes.

16. What are forms metric server and client?
Ans: When there are more than one form sever instances then forms metric
server and client will be used to load balance.

17. Where the forms server related errors will be logged?
Ans: access_log and error_log

18. What are report server configuration and log file name and its location?
Ans: Configuration file – REP_.ora
Log file – REP_.log @806_ORACLE_HOME/reports60/server

19. What is CGIcmd.dat file and its location?
Ans: CGIcmd.dat file is the run time parameter file the report server located @

20. What is the significance of DISPLAY variable?
Ans: Vnc server should be up and running at the specified port value in DISPLAY variable, otherwise report server may not able to show the graphics in

21. Where is the concurrent manager log file located?
Ans: $COMMON_TOP/admin//log or $APPLCSF/$APPLLOG

22. Is apps password necessary to start all the components of oracle
Ans: No. Only to start/stop concurrent manager’s apps password is needed.

23. What are dbc file and its location?
Ans: dbc file contain database connection information. DBC file is used by oracle applications to connect to database. Its location is $FND_TOP/secure

24. What is the other script by which u can start apache other than
Ans: apachectl @IAS_ORACLE_HOME/Apache/bin

25. What is the configuration file for PL/SQL listener?
Ans: httpd_pls.conf @IAS_ORACLE_HOME/Apache/Apache/conf

26. How to find form server version?
Ans: f60gen and press enter, it will tell u the form server version or we can find out from the front-end using help menu.

27. What is RRA?
Ans: RRA stands for Report Review Agent. RRA is nothing but FNDFS which is
part of apps listener. RRA job is to pick the log/out file from the file system and show on the editor when u press view log/out button in ‘View concurrent requst form’.

28. What is apps listener?
Ans: Apps listener is the combination of FNDFS and FNDSM. FNDSM is service
manager which will monitor application services on that node when GSM: enable profile value is ‘Y’.

29. What is GSM?
Ans : GSM stands for Generic service Manager, which will monitor application
processes like web, forms etc and restarts any of this processes if goes down.

30. How to find the application version like 11.5.8/11.5.9….?
Ans: select release_name from fnd_product_groups;

31. How to find out what are the languages enabled in u r applications?
Ans: Query fnd_languages

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