Saturday, March 27, 2010

Oracle Apps DBA - Adutilities

1. What is for “validating apps schema” option in adadmin?

Ans: It will check for the corrupted objects in apps schema

2. What is “compile apps schema” option in adadmin?
Ans: It will compile the invalid database objects.

3. How to find MRC is enabled or not?
Ans: In adadmin if covert to MRC options is there, then MRC is not enabled.
If maintain MRC options is there, then MRC is enabled.

4. How to find Multi-Org is enabled or not?
Ans: In adadmin if covert to Multi org option is there, then Multi-org is not
enabled. If maintain multi-org options is there, then Multi-org is enabled.

5. What is mean by MRC?
Ans: MRC stands for Multiple reporting Currency, this should be enabled to see
the reports in different currencies like (rupees, yaans etc).

6. What is Multi-Org?
Ans: If this is enabled we can store multiple organization information in a single oracle application instance.

7. What is the configuration file for ad utilities (like adadmin,adconfig etc)?
Ans: adconfig.txt @APPL_TOP/admin

8. What is adrelink?
Ans: adrelink will relink the executables with the libraries. Generally we will go for adrelink when some patch delivers some library files, or when executables were corrupted.

9. How to find the version of a file?
Ans: 1. adident Header
2. Strings -a filename | grep Header

10. What is adodfcmp utility?
Ans: This utility is used to recreate/repair corrupted database objects from
odf(object definition files) files.

11. How you will change apps password?
Ans: FNDCPASS 0 y apps/ system/ SYSTEM APPLSYS

12. what if apps password is changed with alter command?
Ans: Applications won’t work.

13. What is the difference between alter and FNDCPASS in changing apps
Ans: FNDCPASS will update some fnd tables other than standard tables.

14. Where the FNDCPASS utility is located?
Ans: Concurrent node @FND_TOP/bin

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