Friday, March 26, 2010

Oracle Apps DBA - Concurrent Managers

1. What is a concurrent manager?
Ans: A concurrent manager is one which runs concurrent requests.

2. What are the different types of concurrent managers?
Ans: 1. internal concurrent manager – Will start all other managers and monitor
2. Standard Manager – All concurrent requests by default will to go this
3. Conflict resolution manager – Concurrent programs with
incompatibilities will be handled by this
4. Transaction manager – Handle all transaction requests

3. What are actual and target count in ‘Administer Concurrent Managers form’?
Ans: Target is the no. of concurrent processes a manager is supposed to start
(specified in the definition of concurrent manager).
Actual is the no. of processes a manager started actually.
Target and Actual should be always same.

4. What if Target and Actual are not same?
Ans: It means at operating system level resources are low to accommodate the
required processes for concurrent managers.

5. What are work shifts?
Ans: Work shifts are nothing but timings at which the concurrent manager is
supposed to run.

6. What if internal concurrent manager target and actual are not same?
Ans: we need to bounce the concurrent manager using

7. How to bounce a single concurrent manager?
Ans: From front-end using ‘Administer Concurrent Manager form’.

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