Saturday, January 21, 2012

Patch Application Assistant ( in Oracle Apps R12

PAA (Patch Application Assistant) is tool/Perl script to generate customized installation instructions for a patch in Oracle Applications R12 which helps user totrack and perform manual steps during patching.

1. is under $AD_TOP/bin
2. You can run (Patch Application Assistant) in two mode
i) GUI (Graphical User Interface)
ii) CLI (Command Line Interface)
3. Once you complete manual steps as instructed in PAA report, you can record that step as completed.
How to Run PAA (Patch Application Assistant) in R12
1.Source environment file i.e. $ORACLE_R12_BASE/ apps/ apps_st/ appl/ APPS[SID]_[hostname].env
2.Run PAA using in either CLI or GUI
2.1 CLI
perl -patch_top=[patch-top-directory]-appspass=[apps-password]
For example to generate PAA report for 12.0.6 patch (6728000) run it as  
perl $AD_TOP/bin/ -patch_top=/stage/ oracle/ patches/ r12/ 6728000 -appspass=apps
Gathering Information..
Logfile for this session is located at admsi.log
Generating installation instructions for patch 6728000..
Updating database….
install_6728000.html generated successfully
install_6728000.txt generated successfully
Now view report (text or html format) containing manual steps for 12.0.6
2.2 GUI
 Invoke PAA in GUI by running as shown below

3. Once you get list of manual steps, follow instructions in report
4. Apply apps patches using AUTOPATCH utility (adpatch)

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